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America pt. 1
America pt. 2
1893 Worlds Fair
Strange Transmission
White Dove
War Machines

Bedlam of the Street
Valvular Conduit
Lost in my Way
World of Wonder





Earth is based on the life of Nikola Tesla who refined AC current into a superior way of transmitting energy. The album follows his life starting with his travels to New York where he gets a job working for corporate mogul Thomas Edison who had financial interest to push his inferior DC current. When Edison lies to Tesla about his compensation, Tesla leaves and starts working for Westinghouse and the war of currents start.

In order to promote his ideas, like AC current, remote control and radio waves, Telsa finds himself having to become a showman of sorts. People at that time did not know how to take the new technology, some even feared him and thought of him as a magician.

Tesla becomes part of the New York social scene hanging out with the likes of Mark Twain. Like Twain he has a love for nature and is appalled by war, which become a sadly ironic theme later in his life.

Tesla believed he had heard transmissions from the stars and that someday we would use electricity to communicate ideas throughout the world. Even though he may have misinterpreted the signals from space and failed to send energy to the other side of the planet, these were the first steps understanding solar radiation and laid the groundwork for the World Wide Web.

He is the father of most of the technology we take for granted today, but because he was a foreigner, and because some of his ideas were thought as strange, he died alone and poor in a hotel room. Meanwhile we continue to struggle balancing the good and bad the Tesla’s wonder world of electricity has brought us.